The project has multiple openings for graduate students and one post-doctoral associate across universities participating in the Urban Critical Zone Cluster. 
Open opportunities

Network-wide site visit opportunity

Collaborators who would like to visit one of our Urban CZ sites or Urban CZ members who would like visit other sites in the CZ network, please fill out the application here.

One post-doctoral associate to be appointed with the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education and affiliated with the Dept. of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering beginning ~ June 2023 is sought, to carry out coupled groundwater and biogeochemical weathering modeling for a suite of field sites. Applicants should hold a PhD in engineering and have demonstrated skills in the type of modeling sought.  The position is for a minimum of 2 years and is potentially renewable. For further information contact Dr. Claire Welty at weltyc@umbc.edu.